Connecting Natural Medicine Worldwide

Often we get asked by practitioners where they can purchase certain products that are difficult to find.

The Docgeorge.com is a global e-commerce portal mainly for health practitioners interested in Holistic medicine.

The site provides devices and equipment used for bioresonance diagnostics, Tachyon products for desensitising electromagnetic, geopathic and mobile phone stress,

practitioner supplements, heavy metal detox protocols, Candida protocols, college courses and more.



DocGeorge.com is an independent Internet Company. We have on board the expertise of a Naturopath, Herbalist, Homeopath, Clinical Nutritionist, Su Jok Acupuncturist, Iridologist and ElectroMedicine Practitioner. If you are interested in booking an online one to one consultation with Dr Georgiou, please click on the banner below for more information.


Starting out primarily as an information portal, the motivating factor to source the products offered by the docgeorge.com was based on feedback from clients reporting how frustrating they found it looking for good quality and effective natural products on the Internet. The vast array of products available, all claiming to be the best, and many of very poor quality, made the whole process bewildering, even for those with some experience in the field. We select and supply the most effective and potent natural products, which are commonly used by top practitioners. www.docgeorge.com is not aligned to any manufacturer, retailer, or clinic therefore unbiased. We have simplified the process of buying the best natural products by ‘hand picking’ them for you from the huge range of products sold. This way you always get the best and most effective products for your money that are known to work through the experiences of Natural Medicine practitioners. Price is something we are all conscious of, therefore our strict pricing policy coupled with the fact we deal direct with the manufacturers, ensures our prices are always very competitive. Our belief, however, is that quality is primary, and we will not sacrifice quality to offer cheaper alternatives. All our products are supplied with a ‘no quibble’ money back guarantee.


We still recognise the importance of educating people in Complementary and Alternative medicine, hence the high level of factual and often ‘cutting edge’ information found on the site. In order to simplify the process of finding practitioners in all fields of Complementary and Alternative medicine, we have created a comprehensive directory of thousands of practitioners and clinics in 130 different countries. This is constantly growing and updated as more and more practitioners enrol in one of the Internets leading directories of its kind. We also want to have as many Natural Medicine professionals from around the globe listed in a single directory, so that people requiring their services can search and find them easily, no matter where in the world they are. We hope that one day www.docgeorge.com will grow to become the largest Directory of its kind in the world.